Blogging with Vim

January 03, 2011

In my attempts to become more proficient with VIM I thought I would try and push some standard editing tasks in its direction. My first choice was blog posting. For this to work I need VIM to:

  1. Understand that my blog posts are in markdown
  2. Get and retrieve posts from typo like the textmate blogging bundle does.

As usual with anything VIM things are not easy. Much of this is down to my ignorance, but the steep learning curve VIM never ceases to amaze me with its incline :)

After much googling I came across a vimblog.vim, and was able to get and retrieve posts … SORT OF

However post retrieval doesn’t quite work (partly my fault for using Typo and not Wordpress!) as not all the post is returned when I use a “Continue reading…”.

So know I have to learn how to debug vim scripts so I can examine the XML object returned and see if either

  1. Vimblog is making the wrong call and getting only the article summary rather than the full article
  2. Vimblog is not extracting the correct field from the XML object
  3. Something else is going wrong

I guess if VIM really was the editor for me, I would just hack a solution to this. Perhaps I will, but I feel that I’ve got better things to do than spending tens of hours learning how to script VIM.