IPC Final

March 08, 2009

Been having some problems with my main OSX86 installation, so looking to fix these by installing IPC final

Torrent Software Crashes

I’m speculating this is due to my Time Machine fix of applying IONetworkingFamily.kext version 1.6.0. This seems to be confirmed by the fact that my alternate install works fine with Transmission and UTorrent.

If I have to choose then Time Machine will go - haven’t really learned how to use it.

Voodoo Kernel

I’d quite like to try the Voodoo kernel - I think its such a good project.


Some new stuff

  • - Language Translations
  • Kernels
    • + 9.5.0 Voodoo Kernel
  • Fixes and Patches
    • + Seatbelt.kext 10.5.5
  • DSDT Patches
    • + Patch DSDT
  • Alternate Bootloaders
    • + Chameleon with piccy
  • + Applications (install all)