osx86 migrating user account

January 04, 2009

I keep my main user account on a seperate partition. To get it back on a new osx installation I have to do …

Before you do any of this make sure you’ve tested the installation

Get Account Back

In System Preferences Accounts
  • create a new admin account with user name Andrew Premdas
  • right click on account to select ‘advanced options’
  • change home directory to /Volumes/users/andy
  • disable automatic login, or set it to new account

Account Functionality

Not enough to get the account back, want to get it working as before - lots to do here.

Terminal Colors

These depend on SIMBL plugin, what I did was to copy relevant files from previous working distribution to same location in new distribution. Most of the files I keep in my account, however the following have to be in the system to work

/Library/InputManagers ...

So as root you need to copy them from an old system to the new one e.g.

sudo cp -R /Volumes/Kalway/Library/InputManagers /Library