iPC osx86 distribution

January 03, 2009

This is my choice of distribution for osx86

Use Disk Image run from partition

Main benefit of this distribution is there is no need to use DVD’s. You can do everything from the disk image.

Patching Image

Updates for the distribution are distributed as ppf files. You can add these to the diskimage (.iso) using ppf-matic. Then check the result by using md5

Running the Image

  1. Open with diskimagemounter (default just double clik) then double click Install Mac OS X
  2. Choose volume you want to install to (ENSURE ITS EMPTY!! - erase with Disk Utility)
  3. Customise

Settings Selections

This may change …

  • - Language Translations
  • Drivers
    • USB Drivers
      • + Patched USB Drivers
  • Fixes and Patches
    • + Shutdown/Restart
    • DSDT patches
      • + DSDT patches - patch DSDT
  • + Applications (install them all, though you may only need Universal OSx86 Installer)

Post Installation

After There is quite alot to do before you want to try and boot your installation