Updating hackintosh

January 02, 2009

A Long Awaited Update

I’ve put of updating my hackintosh for ages, but having finally got my replacement raptor from Western Digital, I’ve bitten the bullet, and in the processed destroyed my old desktop account!!

The osx86 distro I’m using is ipc, see also osx86 forums

The best thing about this distribution is you can just run the iso from a hard disk and install directly to a partition. This is very quick. The worst things about the distro is that its a beta, its cutting edge (10.5.6), it has loads of options and little documentation and it has some bugs.

However I’ve been able to get it working as follows

Simplest IPC Installation

Run iso and do following with settings

  • deselect Language Translations
  • Drivers NVidia NVdarwin 256 MB (works with 2 monitors - nvinject doesn’t)
  • Fixes and Patches DSDT Patch DSDT

The other setting which I’ve tried and think I should use is

  • Fixes and Patches Shutdown/Restart

Shutdown is now working on this install, but it seems slow

Install the above to an “empty” partition and then boot.


Have to

  • get through the installation garbage
  • get networking working
  • migrate settings

Because we are migrating, the initial account you create should be disposable and not clash with an account being migrated across.

Modifying Network Kext

Support for both my adaptors is broken in this distro, so I had to modify the ‘Info.plist’ of the AppleYukon2 plugin inside the IONetworkingFamily. This should be included in next update, so I’ll not detail.

see post 4