Mac Air Keyboard Layout

May 02, 2008

The keyboard layout on the MacAir is a bit of a pain in the arse, mainly because of the absence of a convenient hash key. So I need to put together a custom keyboard layout to sort this out.

This is actually really easy to do … once you know how to do it!

  • download Ukelele
  • mount/open the disk image (double click the .dmg file)
  • open the british keyboard layout in the folder “System Keyboards/Roman” in the disk image
  • system preferences international
  • choose Input Menu and select character palette (the first entry)
  • in your menu bar click on the country flag and select show character palette.
  • select punctuation and drag the # key over the § key on the keyboard
  • save the layout as ‘british-with-hash.layout’ in “/Library/Keyboard\ Layouts”
  • go back to “system preferences international input menu” and select your new “british-with-hash” layout
  • use the menu bar to select your new layout

n.b. after saving the layout you may have to logout and in for the new layout to be recognised