New Fad - Shaving

February 25, 2008

I’m a man of many fads. This blog is one of them I guess. My latest fad is traditional wet shaving. As usual it was prompted by some random web trawl that somehow led me to Badger and Blade. There is lots of interesting stuff here including videos, reference articles, product reviews etc. But for me it was an opening to a new world - were the mach3 was scorned! Once again the internet was reviving a lost art through the use of forum software and the sharing of experience.

So now I have my beginners kit of shaving paraphernalia and have my second order in for my big sample pack of blades, and some additional bits and bobs. Results are mixed so far. I feel that much of this is down to poor technique and lack of experience, though maybe also I’ve yet to find a good blade for me. I may record quite a bit more stuff about this if I can be bothered. It would be useful to keep a kind of shaving log, as finding a really good shave could be a really nice part of my daily routine, and yes I am going to have to shave most days for the rest of my life, so its probably worth putting a bit of effort into it.

Current Kit

  • Merkur HD
  • Merkur and Derby Blades
  • Vulfix Sicilian Limes Shaving Cream
  • Silver Tip Badger Brush (cheaper one)

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