Wireless Networking

February 12, 2008

Writing this in the garden at the front of the house. Its an amazingly beautiful sunny afternoon, incredibly mild for the middle of February. Sitting out here is a delight, but my laptop cannot connect to my router. This is no good at all. Actually maybe my router is no good at all. After all it drops connections all the time under Ubuntu, and seems to do the same (although windows handles it much better) in Windows. Router technology has moved on some what since I bought it, both in speed terms and range. Perhaps its time to upgrade. Perhaps also its time to consider a better location for the router. Could either go higher and more central, or perhaps lower and more central. Other thing might be to enable wireless access point on downstairs machine. Anyhow something to think about.

Bizarrely I am posting this from exactly the same place I wrote it, on the following day, and I have a four bar signal from my router - go figure