Schedules and Plans

February 12, 2008

I have a great need to be more organized in the planning and recording of my activities. My progress in all things is quite eclectic and wide ranging. At the same time it is not very focused and often not appreciated. This results in dissolution and also makes it difficult for me to reach goals.

I really am not at all goal orientated except when I’m employed. This doesn’t mean I’m lazy, just not focused on specifics. So whilst I might spend a several hours a day thinking and working on guitar, and am making progress in a number of areas, I often feel a deal of frustration about what I am doing.

In an almost direct contradiction to the above, a major problem with my guitar is that I focus to much on one thing. For example currently I’m focused very much on Blues and the Woody Mann ‘Basics’ DVD. This is a great DVD and well worth studying. Still in addition I could and should be doing

  • 15 minutes of ear training
  • 30 minutes of theory and scale playing
  • 15 minutes of rhythm training

all of the above should be done daily

What this means is that a day then consists of very many small activities rather than one or two big activities. This is a real problem for me as I feel I can only do at most three things a day. So I can compute, eat well and play guitar (these three are really tough), but that gives me no real room to run, stretch, wash up, be clean and tidy. Perhaps I can address this each day by planning very specific activities. However for this to succeed all the activities need to be much more specific. This leads to a very GTD like approach to things were we have alot of projects and alot of specific activities to do. Each of these activities requires planning and recording, and this of course goes against my general pattern of learning, and takes considerable time, effort, and consistency. It also may remove the time for general thought and speculation - but that should be included in the activities as part of the process of planning and review

So my conclusion is that I need to get back into GTD and try a very much more detailed approach to planning and executing my life. Does this mean I now have to spend days dicking around choosing my GTD tool!