Git, Svn, Rails, Edge and Plugins

January 28, 2008

Setting up a Rails Project that is kept under svn and uses svn:externals for plugins for use locally with Git

Currently git doesn’t support repositories within repositories. This becomes a problem when we are working with Rails projects that use plugins linked externally. If you are just using subversion you’d generally manage plugins using svn:externals or Piston if you’re wise. There is a tool called Giston, which addresses that problem in the Git world. Unfortunately I couldn’t get that to work.

The solution I’m using combines two solutions from

The technique is to use symlinks from your projects vendor library to seperate Git repositories of Rails and the plugins you are using. Sanity, Inc provides a GIT repository of the Rails SVN repository at git:// Creating this probably took days, but now its done, its very small (9MB) and quick to download.

Now you can link from your project to this repository.

cd myrailsproj/vendor ln -s pathToSanityRailsGit rails

The fact that you can change which version of rails you are working against in just a few seconds is very cool e.g.

# In Git Repository for Rails git checkout -b 2-0-stable origin/2-0-stable

will change you to stable Rails2. Use git-branch -a to see whats available.