E and TextMate

January 27, 2008

Differences between the two editors are quite apparent, with textmate being way ahead at the moment. Some of this is down to environment, some of this down to the usability of OSX (hate to say it as a veteran XP user) and some down to the immaturity of E.

No Templates in E

This was a bit annoying as I wanted to create this post in E, but couldn’t get the blogging bundle to work correctly. However as Typo’s web interface in Firefox is super speedy, I may well not need E for this functionality

I did get the blogging bundle working with E, and then was deeply disappointed by it. E does not recognise that posts are in Markdown format and so does not syntax highlight them. So your workflow has to be

  • retrieve post with e
  • save as a markdown file somewhere
  • post

Just not enough benefits to be useful enough. So that means that E has to be killer for doing Rails development, otherwise I’ll probably not be buying it.