Blogging With Typo

January 27, 2008

Using MySql

Most important thing was to have correct database.yml configuration. I was missing the socket option - this would cause typo to just hang, with no indication of what was going wrong - no writes to log files, nothing

My database.yml now is

login: &login
  adapter: mysql
  host: localhost
  user: typo
  password: xxxxxxx
  socket: /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock

  database: typo_dev
  <<: *login

  database: typo
  <<: *login

  database: typo_test
  <<: *login

The location of mysqld.sock is specific to Debian based systems, yours may vary. Its really really annoying that the typo guys don’t put this is database.example.yml. Its also pretty annoying how poorly documented typo is.

Super Long Commit

When committing this post typo seemed to hang once again, the post did finally go through but it took ages. Wonder if it could be a DNS thing?


The simple editor is supposed to have a life preview, using Ajax that updates your post with its view of it. Currently this works for about 4 words then blows!!