Blogging with Textmate on Typo

January 27, 2008

Amazing seems like I’ve finally got my own typo blog and the ability to blog to it from textmate. This really is something else.

Now all I need is something worth saying

So it seems you can quickly post the blog (need to learn that shortcut pronto), and then textmate will submit it and open the post up (currently in Safari). Really quite spiffy. And of course you can preview locally.

Some Things to work out

  • why is the markdown formatting not working anymore
  • how to do tags and categories.
  • convention for naming locally saved posts
  • doing same thing from windows using e
  • how to have Textmate remember username and password
  • how to have shortcut for posting not clash with Cog’s shortcut for play
  • how to get headers in an article (to) be smaller than the actual header of the article (which is <h2>) - some CSS trickery needed.